Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman has been an extremely divisive movie, with a ridiculously low Rotten Tomatoes score of 28%, and a strongly divided fanbase. While far from being perfect, personally, I loved how ambitious the movie was. It was not just another summer blockbuster. I loved how Zack Snyder, in typical


For a change, they are playing a good movie on the bus. Kireedom (‘Crown’ in Malayalam) is one of my favourite movies of all times. Both Mohanlal and Thilakan are scintilating in this movie. Sadly, the sequel was disappointing. Some of my favourite Malayalam movies are: Nadodikaattu, Manichithrathazhu, Kireedom, Nokketha

memorable movie trailers (10-6)

#10. Batman Begins Nolan managed to do the impossible – revive a franchise that was almost permanently killed off by one of the worst superhero movie ever made, Batman and Robin. This trailer erased any bad taste left by the previous one, rebooting the franchise in a darker, grittier (and much

memorable movie trailers (15-11)

#15. Star Wars : Episode 1 : The Phantom Menace Before you shout ‘Blasphemy!’, let me remind you that this is a list of memorable movie trailers and *not* movies. As forgettable as the movie was, the trailer of Episode One was spectacular, exciting both old and new fans, providing glimpes of

memorable movie trailers (20-16)

#20. Rocky Balboa Surprisingly, Stallone managed to make yet another movie in the Rocky franchise, and one that is heart-warming and memorable to boot. “I think there is still some stuff in the basement”. #19. The Wrestler Unsurprisingly, both this and Rocky rank similar, touching up on similar themes. However,

memorable movie trailers (25-21)

Collecting movie trailers is one of the *very* few hobbies that I have (had in a long time). Memorable movie trailers are those which remain enjoyable even after we have seen the movie. So, I have decided to compile a list of my favourite movie trailers, reverse sorted by preference

what the hell were they thinking!!!

Some movies/songs hold you in awe, and stay with you for a long time. Some movies/songs mildly interest you, but are soon forgotten. Some movies/songs leave a bad taste in your mouth. Some movies/songs are so ridiculous that they are enjoyable. And then.. and then there

Movie Quotes

Some random movie quotes that caught my fancy: Callisto: You’re so proud of being a mutant, where’s your mark? (nodding to her and her friend’s tattoes) Magneto: I have been marked once my dear, (pulls back his sleeve to reveal the Nazi concentration camp serial number tattoed