memorable movie trailers (10-6)

#10. Batman Begins

Nolan managed to do the impossible – revive a franchise that was almost permanently killed off by one of the worst superhero movie ever made, Batman and Robin. This trailer erased any bad taste left by the previous one, rebooting the franchise in a darker, grittier (and much more realistic) world.

#9. The Departed

Having never seen Infernal Affairs, or any Scorcese movies, the trailer just blew my mind. The premise, the cast, the music. It was just .. ‘wow’! and, ‘Comfortably Numb’.. 😀

#8. The Dark Knight

The first look at Ledger’s Joker. An early glimpse at a movie that raised the bar in so many ways. All in all, all things considered, FANTASTIC!

#7. Spiderman WTC Trailer

Though the trailer (and the associated movie bits) were removed out of respect to the victims of 9/11, there couldn’t be a more fitting debut to a franchise that re-invigorated the superhero franchise in Hollywood, than this trailer. Miles ahead of the “alternate” trailer they came up with.

#6. Watchmen

A beautiful look at a visually astounding adaptation of one of the best graphical novels ever.