memorable movie trailers (15-11)

#15. Star Wars : Episode 1 : The Phantom Menace

Before you shout ‘Blasphemy!’, let me remind you that this is a list of memorable movie trailers and *not* movies. As forgettable as the movie was, the trailer of Episode One was spectacular, exciting both old and new fans, providing glimpes of the boy who would become Darth Vader, and the unforgettable Darth Maul. “Every saga must have a beginning…”

#14. Spiderman

This trailer ushered in (the movie that ushured in) the age of super-hero movies. Finally, a fitting, big screen adaptation of the beloved wall-crawler. Also, amazing music (Pompeii – during the latter half) by E.S. Posthumus.

#13. Superman Returns

This trailer actually got me excited, made me believe that a man could fly (again). Note the allusions to Christ in the trailer. However, the movie turned out to be quite the disappointment.

#12. The Matrix

A trailer that gave an exciting preview of one of the best movies of the 90s. Stunning, slick and exhilarating, the movie turned out to be every bit as awesome as the trailer portrayed.

#11. Mission Impossible

Before he became the object of much ridicule, Tom Cruise was an immensely popular star, and *this* is the one that established him as a A-list action hero.