memorable movie trailers – the crème de la crème

And finally, we have the very best, the ones that I have and will be playing over and over again, reliving the thrill a million times over.

#5. Kill Bill

I was unaware of who Quentin Tarantino was when I saw this trailer 😀. Needless to say, all that changed fairly quickly. This trailer (and/or its music) has remained on my playlist even after all these years.

#4. The Fountain

There is something hauntingly beautiful about this trailer that makes me watch it again and again, and again…

#3. 9

Another playlist favourite. The music and the visuals are top-notch, and keep you coming back for one more look, every time.

#2. 300

“Spartans! Tonight, we dine.. in hell!!” .. An amazingly well-done trailer that is visually and aurally appealing on so many levels. The song.. the quotes.. everything about this was immensely memorable. Again, a playlist regular.

and, numero uno is…

#1. Sin City

I don’t have much to say except that I can watch this trailer in a loop for hours on end without getting bored. Seriously!!