Honey, I’m old!

All my delusions of youth were shattered when I took my cousin shopping last time I went home. We went to this really classy place (according to my cousin) and I was busy shopping. However, after a while, I noticed that my cousin was hardly interested in anything and was

A death in the family

The son has put on a brave face and taken command of the situation. Ushering guests in, showing people around, handling the workers, generally running around, pushing back his grief. The daughter was crying vociferouly. Ridden by guilt that was unwarranted. Guilt she couldn’t do more. The son stops

A brief history of conning

The earliest memory of conning that I can remember was when a guy approahed me in the train station, asking for help. Still green those days, I lent a concerned ear to his woeful tale. He spun a fantastic tale of how misfortune befell him on his journey and how

The road to obsession

Desire. Doesn’t it always begin with desire? Once we start desiring something, we start thinking of it more, and if we don’t obtain the object of our desire, the desire level keeps stepping up. Desire leads to wanting. Wanting leads to longing. Longing leads to craving. And craving

Life in the 5th dimension

[Those who haven’t already, please head over to the here and check out the presentation on the 11 dimensions.] Life sure is good in the 5th dimension. Sometimes I wonder if we, the 3rd dimension beings , would ever be able to penetrate through the higher dimensions. Maybe it would

Life and beyond

Hardly anything dispels your ego like star gazing. I love to lie on the terrace, gazing at the stars, letting it sink in, that I am a miniscule carbon based lifeform on a miniscule planet revolving around a not-so-significant star in just one of the many galaxies. I yearn to

At life’s end

Humming loudly to vent some of the happiness bubbling up in me, I entered the elevator and jabbed ‘10′. Wordlessly, the doors slid shut and the metal cabin slowly started making its way up the steel corridor. It stopped at floor 4. Someone entered and pressed ‘9′. I was too

But it snowed…

It took supreme will power to drag myself out of bed. Transiting from a warm cozy bed to the cold floor was not easy, but with supreme will power, I finally managed to drag myself to the bathroom. A little later, I was dressing up, quite lazily, to go for

Yet another resolution…

If Health is Wealth, then I guess I’ve been bankrupt for quite a while now. My sedentary, indolent life-style has ruined my health almost beyond repair. Or atleast I think it’s not yet beyond repair. So many resolutions have been made in this regard and all have gone