A death in the family

The son has put on a brave face and taken command of the situation. Ushering guests in, showing people around, handling the workers, generally running around, pushing back his grief.

The daughter was crying vociferouly. Ridden by guilt that was unwarranted. Guilt she couldn’t do more. The son stops to reprimand her, reminding her that atleast his passing was peaceful and painless.

The mother sits alone at the table. Her eyes staring at the distance. Her lips trembling. She sat like a moment frozen in time. Yet, many thoughts ran behind those eyes. One particulary painful thought flashes by and she bursts out into tears. The daughter, incapable of consoling, scolds her. In her made up words of anger, are hidden a thousand more words of sorrow.

And I sit there speechless, a stranger in the house, a stranger in their pain.

May his soul rest in peace. My heart-felt condolences to Sir’s family.