Yet another resolution…

If Health is Wealth, then I guess I’ve been bankrupt for quite a while now. My sedentary, indolent life-style has ruined my health almost beyond repair. Or atleast I think it’s not yet beyond repair. So many resolutions have been made in this regard and all have gone down the /dev/null path. Eat less. Eat less meat. Walk more. Excercise daily. All these were decided upon readily but never adhered to. I guess this inertia of rest is an inherent character flaw of mine and would take a while weeding out. I mean I am not even able to finish coding a simple program!!! I stop that mid-way with ‘Why bother? It’s already done by someone else. I am wasting my time‘. I conveniently chose to ignore the fact that the purpose of writing it was to prove to myself that I can still code.

So with these thoughts in mind, I have decided to start making a change. I had given up on Linux earlier. I have decided to take it up again. I have decided that I should start learning again. I used to be known for my ability to learn stuff fast. I will re-kindle that. I have decided to devote more time to studying. With that, I hope to retard or even reverse my mental degradation.

About my body, I think it needs more immediate attention than my mind. For, the signs of decadence have been showing for quite a while now. The frequent back and neck aches, trouble climbing stairs, inability to walk beyond a mile - if I dont do something, “I’m going down“!

So with this blog entry, I mark yet another attempt to revitalize my mental and physical health. I hope, by bringing this to the attention of people, I would have someone prodding me to do this and do that. I am not sure this resolution would go too far without some external help.