Life in the 5th dimension

[Those who haven’t already, please head over to the here and check out the presentation on the 11 dimensions.]

Life sure is good in the 5th dimension. Sometimes I wonder if we, the 3rd dimension beings , would ever be able to penetrate through the higher dimensions. Maybe it would not be possible without help from the higher dimensions. I wonder how a 4th dimension being would see us. For that matter, how would we treat a 2nd dimension being or a flat lander. I wouldn’t know from experience, having never met any flat landers. Some of our lesser 3rd dimension beings can be assumed to be flat landers. Eg. ants. They walk on surfaces and to our eyes, they appear to be flat landers, always in their 2-dimensional world. Yet, their 2-dimensional world twists and turns in our 3-dimensional world. So in a way, they aren’t really 2-dimensional beings. Then who are the 2-dimensional people? Or is there a minimum number of dimensions that a being has to occupy. If so, can we not apply the same logic to say that MAYBE there aren’t any beings in the upper dimensions as well. If so, who will help us cross into other dimensions? Will there be some non-sentient object that helps us bend this dimension through the next?

Another thing I was wondering about was that when bending this 3rd dimension through the 4th, wouldn’t we be bending in the 5th dimension as well (considering the case in which we travel to the past) and possible, bending/splitting into the 6th dimension as well? It was at this point that I start getting confused. However, this much I could understand. Bending beyond the 4th dimension, would be what people would call, magic. Imagine, being able to change history(4th, 5th and 6th), geography (6th and 7th) and maybe even the very laws of physics (the unthinkable travel through the 8th and higher dimensions). Thus the ability to walk on water, would be, technically, more awesome than the ability to re-write history. (?) Imagine, that I walked on water (violating the laws of physics in this universe and thus having bent reality through the 7th (or was it the 8th) dimension). Would my control over bending be delicate enough to bend to a place where the other co-ordinates (of the lesser dimensions) remain the same. What if I end up in a dimensional point where I am sleeping peacefully in my bed? Would the bending have successfully completed and if not, in the process of falling asleep and adjusting to that dimension, reality gets stuck at some random point in the 7th dimension where I am not actually asleep, thus creating a conundrum.

Wait-a-minute! Imagine a being able to pull realities through the various dimensions. Without a doubt, he/she/it would be the most powerful being in reality, BUT .. but what if there are more than one being able to bend reality. Would it be a tug-of-war between them, or would the point splinter into multiple ones, each controlled by each of the beings? If so, each being would have its own point/reality to play around with.

Heh, now imagine if there are 2 such beings. Imagine that they are equally powerful and have splintered reality along the 7th dimension (or 8th). Imagine they both loathe each other and keep their own realities very much different. Imagine they both have points which are pretty far away from our reality/point. Imagine these two “brothers” notice each other’s points and decide that the others point should not exist. Imagine they battle. Can you imagine what such a war would be like? If you can’t, then feel free to borrow the graphic novel “DC vs. Marvel” from me.