The end of an Epoc(h)

After a 3 year long association with the Symbian platform, I have now bid farewell. Though I am now no longer officially associated with Symbian, I plan to remain an ardent follower of the Symbian OS and the course of redemption it has embarked on.

adventure park

Adventure park. One of my favourite places to go, when I was a kid. Though designed more like a training course at a boot camp, the place still fascinated and enthrilled me, my brother and my cousins. Later, it fell into disrepute and ill-use. Yesterday, I visited it again, after


For a change, they are playing a good movie on the bus. Kireedom (‘Crown’ in Malayalam) is one of my favourite movies of all times. Both Mohanlal and Thilakan are scintilating in this movie. Sadly, the sequel was disappointing. Some of my favourite Malayalam movies are: Nadodikaattu, Manichithrathazhu, Kireedom, Nokketha

india and child prodigies

India has always had a fascination with child prodigies. Child prodigies are “discovered” in India with surprising regularity. Yet, our country is still languishing in the shallow end of the innovation pool. Every time a child prodigy is “found”, the news is spattered all over the media, people rush to


I have always had a fascination with tales of people with abilities beyond that of an ordinary human being. Teleportation, tissue regeneration, human flight, invincibility, telekinesis. All these are abilities mankind has always desired, dreamt of, obsessed about. It fascinates me greatly to see how someone, who is more than

the technology twilight

A strange thought came to me this evening. Two things I dislike, one in the literary world, and one in the technology world, seem to have a lot of parallels between them. One is a phone, all nice and sparkly, the best looking one. A phone which called itself a

madman with a box

The Doctor. The “madman with a box”. I have known and loved Doctor Who stories since I was 12. Here is a brief overview on the Who-niverse, for those not in the know. The Doctor The Doctor is a time-travelling, (seemingly) immortal alien. He belongs to a race called the

why Symbian deserves a second chance

A lot of changes have happened in the Symbian eco-system since the OS was open-sourced. Here are a few reasons why I think the tech community should give Symbian a second glance, in a world obsessed with apples and droids. Featured Without a doubt, Symbian is the most feature-rich operating