I picked up an Android tablet recently – the Archos 101 Internet tablet, running Android 2.2. This being my first Android device, had a lot to play around. However, I am starting to reach the limits of my interest in the OS. Waiting for Ubuntu or MeeGo to be “enabled”

the technology twilight

A strange thought came to me this evening. Two things I dislike, one in the literary world, and one in the technology world, seem to have a lot of parallels between them. One is a phone, all nice and sparkly, the best looking one. A phone which called itself a

why Symbian deserves a second chance

A lot of changes have happened in the Symbian eco-system since the OS was open-sourced. Here are a few reasons why I think the tech community should give Symbian a second glance, in a world obsessed with apples and droids. Featured Without a doubt, Symbian is the most feature-rich operating

Symbian^3 vs iPhone OS 4.0

There is a lot of hype on the upcoming launches of both Symbian^3 as well as the 4th edition of the OS from Cupertino. Considering that both are major upgrades, I have decided to document my thoughts on the various aspects of both operating systems, briefly comparing and contrasting

Dreams no more

have bid farewell to Dreamhost. After 2 long years of association with one of the most popular (??) shared hosting providers, I am moving on to bigger things (read VPS). I have now allied myself to 😃

An obligatory post on Chrome

A couple of days back, Google Chrome was launched. The Firefox crowd scratched their heads and muttered ‘What the hell?!’, the Opera crowd sighed and the IE crowd pretended they didn’t notice. Apart from the usual Google trumpet-blowing, what caught my atttention was benchmarks that claimed that it was