adventure park

Adventure park. One of my favourite places to go, when I was a kid. Though designed more like a training course at a boot camp, the place still fascinated and enthrilled me, my brother and my cousins. Later, it fell into disrepute and ill-use. Yesterday, I visited it again, after almost 15 or 20 years. Glad to see that the place is maintained decently (more or less). Have taken some pics. Posting them below (click on the images for the bigger version).

Trivia: The climax of the movie “Manu Uncle” was shot here.

The entrance to Adventure Park
The skating rink!
The tunnels! We used to have races through these.
The rope wall (or its remains, to be accurate)
The jumper (:P) . There was a rope ladder behind this to climb up and then jump down to each level.
The mangroves that border the park
Sigh.. Adventure Park..