I picked up an Android tablet recently – the Archos 101 Internet tablet, running Android 2.2. This being my first Android device, had a lot to play around. However, I am starting to reach the limits of my interest in the OS. Waiting for Ubuntu or MeeGo to be “enabled” (since Archos already provides an Angstrom distro to demonstrate how you can put other Linux distros on the tablet).

Cool things:

  • Excellent e-book reader. Quite light and fairly huge display.
  • Comic reader! I have always wanted to read comics this way.
  • Bed/sofa browsing. Relishing the lightweight tablet in lieu of the laptop.

Uncool things:

  • Battery seems a bit weak (fell to 50% after 3-4 hours of use). Good for a laptop. Not good for a tablet/handheld. Will wait and watch how the 2nd, 3rd charges affect the battery life.
  • Android. Lot of good apps and widgets, but can’t help feel that a proper Linux distro with GNOME or LXD, would rock better. Or mabye Ubuntu Netbook Edition, with Unity! Waiting for someone to “Enable” it.