beliefs and truth

belief (noun) 1) An acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. Some of the major world events have been driven by beliefs. Beliefs are deeply personal. You can influence someone’s beliefs, but you can never force someone to believe something. truth (noun) 1) The quality

a world without superman

Superman is one of the most iconic fictional figures of our time. Superhero lore is the closest we have to mythology from the modern era, and Superman is the most prominent of them, the one who started it all. He is one of the few fictional characters whose story has


Immortality. The holy grail of existence. Many strive for it. Some attain immortality in the memory of others. I restrict my thoughts to biological immortality. Living forever. What if you could live forever? Some would opine that living forever is a curse. You live on while those around you fade

my december

“This is my December.. This is my time of the year.. This is my December.. This is all so clear..” I alight from the bus and take a deep breath. Here I am again, alone in the big city. A slight tug in my chest reminds me that this would

Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman has been an extremely divisive movie, with a ridiculously low Rotten Tomatoes score of 28%, and a strongly divided fanbase. While far from being perfect, personally, I loved how ambitious the movie was. It was not just another summer blockbuster. I loved how Zack Snyder, in typical


When I was small, I thought a psychopath was someone who was insane (obviously I confused it with psychotic). I still find many people making the same mistake – referring to someone as a ‘psychopath’ when they mean ‘psychotic’. However, psychopaths are not easy to identify, precisely because they are typically

He rises…

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I picked up an Android tablet recently – the Archos 101 Internet tablet, running Android 2.2. This being my first Android device, had a lot to play around. However, I am starting to reach the limits of my interest in the OS. Waiting for Ubuntu or MeeGo to be “enabled”