The Classy Struct

So what exactly is the difference between a class and a struct in C++? After wondering and debating internally for quite a long time, I looked around the net and found the (simple) explanation that:

“The only difference between a struct and a class is in the default access.”

That is, a sruct is public by default and a class is private by default. Extending (inheriting) them is also like-wise – public inheritance for struct and private for class.

I believe struct was made public by default to be compliant with C . Thus a C struct can be used similarly in C++. i.e.

struct Foo
	int bar;
	char* baz;

Foo makeFoo()
	Foo temp; = 1;
	temp.baz = “test”;
	return temp;

The only reason the above code will work in C++ is because of the default access of struct being public.