Rubygame 3 on Ruby 1.9

Creating a Ruby 1.9 sandbox 1. mkdir /home/user/ruby19 (example folder) 2. cd /home/user/ruby19 3. mkdir src 4. cd src 5. wget 6. tar -jxvf ruby-1.9.0-1.tar.bz2 7. cd ruby-1.

The Classy Struct

So what exactly is the difference between a class and a struct in C++? After wondering and debating internally for quite a long time, I looked around the net and found the (simple) explanation that: “The only difference between a struct and a class is in the default access.” That

Building an “include” graph

How easy would it be to build include graphs in ruby? Here’s my first attempt: $list_of_files = $list_of_files.each {|node| node = } def store_includes(pathname) lines = IO.readlines(pathname) lines.each {|line| if line.include? “#include” include_file = line[line.index("