Prelude #6

It was a loud, resounding scream right outside his foundry, that brought him out of his meditation. Once he was aware of his surroundings, he realized that the scream was not a solitary one. The sight that greeted him as he stepped outside was a startling one. Many houses and

Prelude #5

“Psst! Come with me. There is something I want to show you.” It was still dawn and the sun hasn’t yet risen. They crept slowly through the shadowy woods, taking extreme care not to make any noise. The younger one started getting anxious. “You know we are not allowed

Prelude #4

The guard paused to stifle a yawn. He thought it ironic that someone like his master would need guarding, and in the several years of his service, there has been no major disturbances. Yet, he maintained contsant vigil. He nodded to his partner as they passed each other on the

Prelude #3

It was the smoke that led him to that place. His view was blocked by the towering trees, but the acrid smell of burning flesh told him that something was terribly wrong. He broke into a run. The sight that met his eyes was ghastly. The long, serpentile form of

Prelude #2

The magical energies crackled around him, tearing into the very fiber of his being. The pain was unbearable, beyond all human limits, and with every passing moment, his mortality slipped away as the magical energies reformed his body. Solid white energy flowed from the twin diamonds, impaling his body, and

Prelude #1

They were too busy playing with their wooden swords to notice the thundering hooves. In their childish make-believe world, they were valiant knights fighting for the hand of the fair lady. A feint, a parry, a thrust - the battle raged on. They were evenly matched, with skills disproportionate to

An Apology

An apology to all my dear readers. The previous chapter of DHC needs retconning. Hence, I am (once more) declaring all previous episodes as invalid. One main reason for retconning was the power level Xion has achieved. This would’ve made the story too boring and one-sided. Please bear with

The Darkhaven Chronicles : Elemental Rage

A gentle breeze twirled the leaf around, carrying it as it travelled down the twisting, dusty road. Riding the wind like a carefree bird, it whirled round and round and finally striking against the gates of Taldon city, drops to the ground. Temporarily distracted by the rustling leaves, the guard’