Prelude #6

It was a loud, resounding scream right outside his foundry, that brought him out of his meditation. Once he was aware of his surroundings, he realized that the scream was not a solitary one.

The sight that greeted him as he stepped outside was a startling one. Many houses and shops were burning. People were running around scared. There was commotion everywhere. In the midst of all this chaos, the bandits ransacked the place, without being challenged.

Before he could react, one of the riders came up to him and leered at him.

What are you looking at? Hand over all your money if you want to live.

I don’t think I will be doing that.

The answer caught the rider by surprise. The shock was soon replaced by fury.

How dare you speak to me in that insolent tone? Have you lost the will to live? Or is that you have not heard of the Pamiskari, you fool?

His pleasant face remained impassive.

You shall kiss the dirt at my feet or face my wrath, you insolent cur!!

For a moment, he was silent. Then in a calm voice, he said, “You’re making me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I am angry.