There are no rights and wrongs. Only power…

Sarkar touches heights of brilliance that few Indian cinema have managed to attain. With a stunning cast, brilliant music and excellent camera work, RGV has managed to elevate his directorial skills to deliver one of the most captivating movies I have ever seen. Both Bachans scintillate but its Bachan Jr who stood out, giving an almost perfect performance. I especially loved his last line, the “that’s what i want too..” one. Also commendable is the performance of Ravi Kale as the Sarkar’s lieutenant, Chander. The scene in which he and his goons beat up the college guy in the beginning of the movie, totally took my breath away. The flow of the movie was also good, not once boring the audience and yet without falling into any cliches. The realism with which the entire movie is potrayed is highly praiseworthy and takes the viewer on an emotional roller coaster ride, as we see the fall and the subsequent rise of Sarkar (oops! spoiler!).

This movie is a major achievement for RGV and the Indian movie industry as a whole and proves that we do have good movies among the Veer Zaras and Kya Kool Hai Hums.