X Quotes

Some quotes from various X-men comics

“Sit it out, boy, I have no interest in reading your mind. I might get lost in all that empty space.”
“I believe you people have something that belongs to us?”
“Short li’l fella.”
“All adamantium and attitude. He’s one of a kind. We’d like him back.”
“And finally, those of you with red in your costumes will follow attack plan D, schedule C — or is it plan C, schedule D…? Uh, any questions?” ‘I’m wearing red underwear, do I use plan D?’ ‘Hey, I just got here.. are we the X’s or the circles?’ I don’t know, Colossus, I thought it was shirts and skins!’” “Just beat up the ^&&*%$%# bad guys, all right!!!!”
Storm: “We are here to see a man about a rescue.”
Xavier: “Pity. I was hoping for a pizza delivery.”
Colossus: “Is Professor Xavier unwell, Storm? He is making a joke.”
Jean Grey: “Contrary to popular belief, the man’s only human. Complete with a sense of humor.”
Archangel: “Such as it is.”
Xavier: “Et tu, Archangel? Don’t I get respect anymore from anyone?”
“Dog bites man — that’s not a story. Man bites dog — *that’s* a story. and if the dog and man slug it out for six issues and then Wolverine shows up for a guest appearance, and the dog turns out to be a mutant; that’s a *Marvel* story.”
“Like, is that a cigarette? I am SOOOOOO impressed.”
“I have a small list of people I try to impress, chica. And surprise, surprise, you ain’t on it.”
“You have no idea what it’s like to have your entire life pulled out from under you!”
“Warren, please. You’re talking to the woman who’s been killed, cloned and kidnapped more times than *I* can remember. Let’s keep it in perspective.”
“Guido, go *with* her.”
“Why me?”
“Because I *ordered* you to, ‘cupcake’!”
“Okay. So long as there’s a reason.”
“I *hate* this! I’m a trained mercenary! I know 64 ways to kill a guy with a spoon and I’m stuck guarding an electric generator.”
“D’you mean you can kill a guy who *has* a spoon — or that you can kill a guy with your own personal spoon?”
“The truth is out there - and it’s got bloody great teeth.”
“If I had a nickel for every catatonic body down here….well, I’d have fifteen cents, but that’s beside the point”
“My name is Blink. Who do you *think* is faster…halfscan?”
“Why does everyone say my name like it means shut up?”
“Yeah, it’s Jaimie alright.”
“You know this guy?”
“No, Einstein, my hobby is looking at random stiffs and saying ‘It’s Jaimie all right.’”
“Oh. Well, it beats collecting comics.”
“With everyone assuming a fifty degree variant. I’ll propel the projectile at a maximum rate of nineteen feet per square…”
“Forge, this is a huddle…not a physics class. What he’s trying to say is ‘Go Long’.”
“So what’s her power? ‘Sides the ability t’stick her chest out?”
“If we nail X-Force, then we get… CABLE.”
“Oh, good! Including HBO? And maybe the Disney Channel for Rahne…”
“Quiet. You’re embarrassing me.”