i had a dream...

I have been musing a lot lately, regarding what would be the perfect operating system (IMO), or as  close as it could get. Here it is, in a not-so orderly manner, various characteristics, that I would desire, in my “perfect” operating system. Kernel * The kernel would be a microkernel, with

Ubuntu ‘Intrepid Ibex’ 8.10

Ubuntu continues to amaze me!! Trying the RC for the Intrepid Ibex. I don’t know if its just me, but I think there is a significant speed boost. Everything feels faster and smoother. The user experience has improved quite nicely. Screenshots below (note: I am using the Dust2 theme

Dream Mail System

I finally have my “ideal” mail system up and running. Everything goes into a “wait” queue which is cleared on a regular basis. Only white-listed mails are moved to my Inbox. Bye-bye spam! Of course, I need to review mails in the queue periodically to make sure I am not

The Need For Speed

I have a fairly powerful machine. A 3-GHz C2Duo (45nm) processor. 4 gigabytes of DDR2 800MHz RAM. An FSB of 1333MHz. SATA chugging at 3GBps. A Geforce 9600GT with the latest (beta) driver installed. Yet, it takes 62 seconds for my Ubuntu installation to load up. And don’t get

I love Windows Vista

I have never used Windows Vista excessively. Nor do I plan to. However, I love it that Windows Vista is driving more and more people to Linux/Ubuntu. Vista rules! It helps Linux/Ubuntu rock even harder!!!