susan boyle

Today, I witnessed a fairy tale unveil in front of my eyes. Surfing through the Digg pages, I stumbled across this video about a lady called Susan Boyle auditioning for Britain’s got Talent. This middle-aged woman appeared on stage, looking odd and out of place in the glitzy, glamorous arena of show biz. Her cheeky attitude brought a smile to my face, but nothing prepared me for what turned out to be, one of best live performances I have ever seen. Though I had never heard ‘I dreamed a dream’ (from Les Misérables) before, her rendition completely bowled me over. The judges and the audience were heavily skeptical and condescending before she started singing, and everyone had a ‘Yeah.. right!’ expression when she said she wanted to be as famous as Elaine Paige. However, two seconds into her song, and they were smitten. Susan Boyle became an international sensation in matter of days, with her online videos garnering millions upon millions of views. There are enough and more analysis on why her story has become so universally loved, but I am not here to delve on that. I am here because Susan Boyle has become one of my favourite singers, with just one song. I am here because Susan Boyle has inspired me, and millions around the world. I am here because, fairy tales are real, and I witnessed one.