Managing multiple mail accounts

I am having hell managing 5 different mail accounts. Since I hop from PC to PC, I can’t afford a desktop client (fyi, i prefer Thunderbird). So it really irritates me having to log into 5 different pages to check all my mail. Yup, this means a lot of mails goes unread.

I looked around for a webmail client that lets me manage multiple accounts.

Here are the ones I found:

1) IMP – Part of the Horde project

That was it. Just ONE. WTH! And that too, for this one, I had to install the whole Horde framework (which I am not at all prepared to do). Meanwhile, for squirrelmail, managing multiple accounts is still down there somewhere, in the wishlist.

Was wondering whether I should take the pain of writing something like this? Or a plugin for squirrelmail? I dont know.