Casino Royale - A Bond for the new Millenium

Rating - 9/10 (absolute) .. 10/10 (for a Bond movie)

Daniel Craig - Potrays perfectly the transformation from a rough-edged rookie into the perfect suave, cold-blooded spy.

Plot - Engrossing. Despite apprehensions, the Poker game was quite engaging.

Style Quotient - Departs from the gadgets, girls and cars formula of the previous Bond movies. Instead, we see a darker, grittier potrayal of 007. In short, amazingly stylistic in a new direction.

Dialogues - Definitely above average.

Bond Girl - Eva Green plays a different kind of Bond girl. Finally we know why Bond never bonds with anyone anymore. “You don’t trust anyone, do you?” “No.

Direction - Finally, a Bond movie that can stand on it own without needing any support from the 007 brand. Brilliantly directed. Almost at par with the giants of the year.

New Urge - Keep a close eye on the rest of the Daniel Craig movies. Especially Bond-22, Bond-23 etc.

Locations - Gooooood. Good. Gooooood.

Overall view - Finally, the first chapter in the life of Agent 007 is brought to the silver screen. Dark and gritty, it shows the steely loner transform into the refined, suave gentleman. For the first time, he is more than the sum of his parts (which include mostly gadgets and cars). We see why he is Agent 007, the best agent MI6 has. I never used to be a big fan of the Bond movies. Thanks to Daniel Craig, now I am (I can’t say why I liked Daniel Craig so much without giving out spoilers!)