Been a long time since I’ve played tag, but hey, the child in me refuses to let this pass. So here goes. (btw, the child-in-me AND the bookworm-in-me)

One book that changed you life

Sadly, I do not recall it’s title. It was a book by Osho about his discourses on various subjects. More than any actual guidance or ideas, it imbibed in me the quality of thinking for myself, and the importance of meditation.

One book you have read more than once

Heh, this would be in plural.  And would include,

The Harry Potter Series (read entire series 3-4 times) with OoTP and HBP at 4-5+ times.

The Foundation Series (read entire series 2-3 times) with Prelude to the Foundation at (i think) 4 times

One book you would want on a desert island

I wudn’t mind the Harry Potter series. However, my “book” of choice would be a scratch pad to pen my thoughts, for of late, I am more into writing, than reading.

One book that made you laugh

A book, is difficult to point out.  I owned some Garfield “books” with a collection of comic strips. I believe I just used to adore Garfield at that time. He was THA man. Later on, through comic strips, I came to love Calvin & Hobbes which, to date, remains my favourite comic strip.

One book you wish had been written

By me, that would be the Darkhaven Chronicles. Otherwise, I wished for the sequel(s) of the foundation series. Sadly, the series ended abruptly with the demise of Isaac Asimov.

One book you wish was never written

Hmmmm, can’t think of any.

One book you are currently reading

The Treasure Island. Reliving my childhood man!

One book you have been meaning to read

HP7 (Without a doubt)
H2G2 (Yup! Haven’t read it yet!)

Well, I am supposed to tag others, but I think I will let that pass. Coz, I have plans to start a new tag.

We shall see, won’t we?

A wonderful thing about a book, in contrast to a computer screen, is that you can take it to bed with you.” -  Daniel J. Boorstein