A slave’s helplessness

Corny they may be, but these are some Bollywood “quotes” that have caught my fancy. See if you can figure out which movie they come from.

I am slave to the law of the land. Please don’t see this as an emperor’s cruelty, but as a slave’s helplessness“.

Why do you feel that all the burdens of the world rest on your frail shoulders? Who do you think you are? What is the point in praying to God when you don’t even value the life he has given you? I may not know much about your life, but I do know that what you have, may be less in your eyes, but from an outsider’s view, you have so much.

.. you first job, your first suit, your first salary, the first time you touched a girl, the first time you kissed her, the first time your heart fluttered… how many such days do you remember? .. 15? 20? 25? .. 30, right? 30 special days, 30 special days.. you’ve lived for 30 years and you only remember 30 special days? what happened to the rest? you have 90 days left to live. you can waste them agonising about death, or you can live 3 lifetimes in these 90 days.

There are more. Will post them when I remember…