The City of Dreams

He threw his satchel onto his unmade bed and sat down at the table. The deafening silence was broken only by the ticking of the ancient clock on the table. A hard lump was forming in his throat. He had been rejected again. They said his work was too abstract

Prey : The Hunt For Creed

He methodically scanned the room for clues. He knew he had less than seven minutes before the cops arrived. He examined every nook and corner of the room, taking care not to disturb any clues the police might need. The murder was not as mysterious as it was gruesome. There

Standing Tall

Staggering under the torrent of blows, he struggled to keep steady, to keep standing. Despite being the dominant competitor, the Champion refused to let up, continuing his savage attack. Finally, a powerful uppercut ended it. Rising a full few inches upwards, he flew back and landed in the corner of

Agent X

He lay shivering on the cold floor. The floor of the cell was damp and the pit-pat of tiny feet could be heard from somewhere in the darkness. Dizzy from blood loss and the powerful stench, he attempts to sit up, only to fall back in exhaustion. Dancing in and


I pretend to sip my drink and eye the crowd around me. The dim lighting hampered visibility but what I could see was definitely not the best of humanity. A crude and violent kind of people. Some sort of organized fight was happening in a corner and much gambling was